Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charity Ride

The Big Day or Four Tubes and A New Tyre

First of all a big thank you to all my sponsors, I have raised over $450 and the Team has raised over $1500.

The ride didn't go to plan!

The 5am train from Caringbah was full of fellow riders. Meeting up with my team mates at the start point was fun too.

The first half of the ride was going fantastic THEN . . .

Pop, one tube blown followed by a quick (ish) tube change.

Pop, second tube blown followed by another quick change. (Thanks Martyn for your support).

Pop third tube blown . . . mmmmm! thanks Martyn but 3 x in 20 mins you'd better carry on.

A thorough inspection of my wheel showed me that my rear tyre wall had split on the rim :(

The drill was to turn your bike upside down and wait for a marshall.

1hr 50 later and I managed to flag down a motorcycle marshall (about 5000 ridrers have passed me by) then two bicycle marshalls arrived at once (like buses I thought). I was told it's a 10 min walk to the repair station at Waterfall (I couldn't believe I'd been waiting on the roadside almost 2hrs to hear this).

No tyres at the repair station, however, the motorcycle marshall offered to go back along the route a distance and purchase a new tyre for me :)

Eventually, 4 tubes, a tyre, $50, 3 1/2 hrs later and with many thanks to the motorcycle marshall and bike mechanics at Waterfall, I was then able to get back on the saddle.

The second half of the ride had some amazing views and very BIG hills!

As I approached the finish line 7 hrs 10 later, I spotted the 'Hancock Family'. I owe you many thanks for waiting at the finish line while my bike was fixed (plus the fact that you were my lift home).

The day made me realise it wasn't all about the ride time. I was reminded of how something so simple could cause what seemed like havoc. I was gratefull to many strangers for help and I felt an overwhelming urge to finish the ride so I didn't let down my kind sponsors.

Thank you once again for helping me to raise money for a worthy cause.

Best wishes,


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